Investment company
in Uzbekistan
We are a boutique investment company headquartered
in Uzbekistan, offering a comprehensive range
of services tailored to businesses, entrepreneurs, government entities, and investors
About us
At our core, we boast a highly skilled team of professionals with extensive expertise in both the local Uzbekistan market and international financial markets. This diverse experience equips us with the ability to effectively navigate complex investment landscapes and provide our clients with unparalleled access to unique information and specialized insights
Boutique approach
We prioritize flexibility and quality in our client relationships, focusing on personalized attention and tailored solutions. Unlike larger firms, we do not treat clients as "major" or "secondary," ensuring maximum dedication to their specific challenges
High efficiency
With our agile management approach and minimal bureaucracy, we excel at delivering quick and flexible results. Our streamlined processes enable us to work efficiently and effectively, ensuring timely completion of projects
Availability of resources
Through our extensive network, we have access to experts across various industries. This allows us to source specialized knowledge and compete with foreign companies. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services aligns with the best market practices worldwide, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions
Satori comprises a team of experts with extensive experience working in major international companies. Our knowledgeable professionals possess the skills and insights to identify and anticipate clients’ needs, providing strategic guidance and delivering effective solutions
For Corporations
& Business Owners
Equity and Debt Capital Raising
Strategy & M&A
Business Valuation
Pre-Sale Preparation
For Government
Transaction Planning
Transaction Structuring
For Investors
Asset Selection
Real Estate Capital Market
Asset Management
Transaction Planning
Transaction Structuring
Equity and Debt Capital Raising
Rating advisory
Business cases
The Satori staff consists of experts who can identify and anticipate the needs of a client. Our employees have many years of successful experience working in large international companies


Uzbekistan is the 2nd largest economy

in Central Asia

and continues to grow
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Fidokor St, 30, Regent Business Center
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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