Our company has meticulously compiled a comprehensive overview of the Uzbek economy. This compilation includes crucial data, compelling facts, and cogent analytical conclusions across each sector. It is designed to assist business proprietors and investors in gaining an in-depth understanding of the Uzbek economy and to evaluate prospective investment opportunities
Economy of Uzbekistan
Provides an encapsulated assessment of the Uzbek economy, formatted in a convenient and succinct presentation. Includes brief outlines of 15 industries, central arguments, visually appealing illustrations, and straightforward graphs
This bilingual document (English and Russian) in xlsm format complements the overall review of the Uzbek economy. It contains systematically arranged data, computations, and metrics crucial for comprehending each sector of the Uzbek economy deeply
Supplementary Material to the Presentation
This research paper offers an extensive analysis of the Uzbek economy. Within this document, you will discover statistical data, indicators, and thorough descriptions of each industry, supplemented with analytical insight and explanatory notes
Uzbekistan's economy is experiencing vigorous growth, with ongoing reforms and liberalization
The development of Uzbekistan is sustained by the continuous growth and modernization across all economic sectors
Uzbekistan's GDP has been experiencing an annual growth rate of 5%, reaching $80 billion in 2022
In real terms, consistent GDP growth has been recorded for over 20 consecutive years, with no decline observed during the 2008 crisis or the pandemic period. The economy of Uzbekistan demonstrates a notable resilience, often withstanding the detrimental impacts of global economic and financial crises. There were no declines either in the 2008 crisis or during the pandemic
Agriculture continues to be mainstay of the economy
  • Agriculture contributes to 26% of the GDP, amounting to $29 billion
  • Over 43 million tons of agricultural products are produced annually
  • Uzbekistan ranks 6th globally in cotton production volume, yielding 3.5 million tons per year
Executive summary
Since 2017, Uzbekistan's standing in international business environment, corruption, and freedom indices has been progressively improving
Notwithstanding this progress, there remains a need for substantial further improvement
The sectors that are most reliant on imports are actively progressing
  • Food industry: Emphasis on reducing imports
  • Pharmaceuticals: 80% of medicines will be domestically produced by 2026
  • Chemical industry: 2022 marked the industry's first profitable year
The government is committed to economic liberalization
Which includes the privatization of state assets, reducing the tax burden on businesses, forming a stock market, and actively attracting foreign capital
The country is endowed with abundant natural resources and is venturing into the market of final product production
  • Gas reserves stand at 1 trillion cubic meters, amounting to reserves for the next 40 years
  • Uzbekistan ranks 6th worldwide in copper reserves, with 45.3 million tons
  • It holds the 4th position globally in gold reserves, amounting to 67.5 million ounces
Investing in Uzbekistan is a sensible move that will bring profit and growth to both parties
Privatization of State Companies
Within this direction, our company provides full transaction support for the reduction of state participation in the Uzbekistan economy, including:
One of the main directions of Satori's work is the organization of privatization of state companies.
  • Conducting pre-sale preparation
  • Attracting investors
  • Structuring transactions
The overall valuation of the privatized assets will exceed $20 billion
Currently, the state's participation in the economy exceeds 50%. By 2025, it is planned to transfer almost all assets into the hands of private investors, including the banking sector and the largest mining enterprises.
Satori Blue Chips Index
Satori has developed its own Satori Blue Chips index, which includes the most promising, according to our analysts, Uzbek companies whose shares are present on the Tashkent Republican Stock Exchange. When evaluating the prospects of shares, the level of their liquidity, financial condition, and quality of the issuer's corporate governance are taken into account.
The methodology for calculating the index is available here
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